Lower Pitton Farmhouse

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Gower’s beaches offer something for everyone; there are beaches and coves strung around the coastline, each with its own character, making each one unique. You will find easily-accessible, sandy beaches for the bucket and spade brigade as well as remote, rocky coves that are more challenging to discover but interesting to explore.

A well-signed path extends around the entire coast of Gower (and is part of the Round Wales Coastal Path). The sections along the high cliff tops, for example from Port Eynon to Rhossili, provide spectacular vantage points from which to survey the Bristol Channel for sightings of grey Atlantic seals, dolphins and porpoises.

Wherever you are on Gower’s beaches, please be reminded of a local motto, “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints”.

From Lower Pitton Farmhouse:

Whilst all Gower’s famous beaches are easily accessible by car from the farmhouse, some of the less well-known, more isolated and secluded spots are within walking distance of the front door at Pitton.

Mewslade Bay is a five minute walk down a picturesque, rural valley to the sea. The beach is completely un-commercialised ( no toilets, no shops and consequently, no crowds) but boasts clean sea for swimming and surfing, acres of sand (at low water) for building castles, rock pools for shrimping and crabbing, rocks for climbing, cliffs for scaling and caves for exploring.


Fall Bay is a fifteen minute walk further west from Lower Pitton Farmhouse, along the cliff-top path towards Worm’s Head. There will be even fewer people here than at Mewslade.


Worm’s Head and Rhossilli Bay – these jewels in the crown of Gower are a mere forty minute by coastal path walk (to the west) from Lower Pitton Farmhouse. The path hugs the coastline, rewarding you with awesome views all the way. Or you can get there with a 2 minute drive or 10 min walk by road. Rhossilli Bay has been voted (by Tripadvisor) the “Best Beach in UK” and is also ranked in the top ten beaches in the world. So probably the best walk on gower is from the farm house onto the coastal path walking around the cliffs to Rhossili taking in Mewslade bay, Fall bay and the Worms head getting to Rhossili were you will find toilets shops pub and a lovely cafe / bistro  after you have relaxed and enjoyed the view it is only a 10 min walk down the road back to lower pitton farmhouse.
 Heading east from Lower Pitton Farmhouse, ultimately to Port
 Eynon and Horton, the path follows the contours of soaring limestone cliffs over Thurba Head to secluded coves at the likes of Ramsgrove, Paviland (with its internationally famous bone cave) and the strangely-named Black Hole Gut. This stretch of the coastline is the wildest and most dramatic part of Gower where you can fish for sea bass in splendid isolation, discover the secrets beyond the shore with mask and snorkel or enjoy the fun of having a cove to yourself for a barbeque by the sea.